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BLACK CHAMELEON | Sterling Silver necklace with gemstone option

BLACK CHAMELEON | Sterling Silver necklace with gemstone option
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The Chameleon necklace is handcrafted solid Sterling Silver and is also available with a gemstone.
It can be oxidised, which is the black Silver, or left in white Silver.
This group of reptiles must be one of the most fascinating and inspired me to do this piece.
Chameleons are a symbol for adaptation and colourful personalities.
They belong to the most ancient and successful animal groups on earth.
Here’s why I love these adorable beings as an artist:
Colourful: They have an unbelievable pattern- and colour-range.
Unique: They have features that are out of the ordinary, for instance their tongue that extends to up to double their
body length.
Fashion: Most Chamaeleons have adornments on their head and body, like horns and protrusions in addition to their gorgeous body painting.
The gemstone version of this necklace starts at £130 with an Amethyst, a Citrine, a Garnet or a Peridot, for example.

The necklace is 45cm long and weighs 15.7g in total.
The Chameleon is 36mm long, 27.3mm wide and 5.5mm thick at the head, the body is 2.8mm thick.