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SMOOTH SHINY AMAZONITE | Bracelet with Sterling Silver Element (sold out)

SMOOTH SHINY AMAZONITE | Bracelet with Sterling Silver Element (sold out)
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This is a sweet bracelet made of Blue Amazonite spheres that are nicely polished.

It has a handmade ring element with structured surface that adds to its elegance.

The bracelet is elastic and fits all wrists, it has a total length of 19cm all around, which is a diameter of 5.5cm round and unstretched.

The Amazonite Spheres have a diameter of 6mm each and have the superior quality AA.

The semi-precious stone Amazonite is named after the river Amazon in Brazil.

This gemstone is a bluish green variety of microcline Feldspar.

Due to its colour this stone is sometimes mistaken for Jade or Turquoise, but it's much rarer.

It is said that Amazonite helps calm one's emotions, but its strongest power is to make life in marriage happier!

18th century explorer Alexander von Humboldt has seen jewellery made of Amazonite on women in Brazil, which supposedly came from the legendary Amazones.

No one found Amazonite in the rocks of the Amazon region, yet, though!

So it's safe to say there is no Amazon being deforested to get to these semiprecious stones.

It is only found in Egypt, where it is adored since millennia.

Just how it came to the Amazon region back then is a mystery.

Maybe there is some truth to the legend, the Amazones live in some secluded, never discovered hideaway or - are they are living among us...