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LUNAR ECLIPSE | Sterling Silver bangle with Tourmaline

LUNAR ECLIPSE | Sterling Silver bangle with Tourmaline
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Inspired by the lunar eclipse on the 4th April 2015 in the USA and 25th September 2015 in Europe I created this unique bangle.
You can decide between pink or a green Tourmaline which will be set into the bezel permanently.
The solid Silver has been fused with 9ct yellow Gold, resembling the moon and the sun.
A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shade.
This only occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly aligned, with the Earth in the middle.
A lunar eclipse can only occur in the night of a full moon, so it is rare and unique.
The Tourmaline of your choice will be set in its bezel permanently upon your order.
Tourmalines are traditionally given on 8th Wedding Anniversaries and are the birthstone of people born in October.

The inside diameter is between 62 mm and 55 mm.
This solid Sterling Silver bangle weighs 60g.
The Tourmaline cabochon is 4 mm in diameter.
At its widest point the bangle is 10 mm, at its thinnest it is 7.5 mm.
It varies between 4.7 mm 7.2 mm in its thickness.