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AQUAMARINE TWIG |18K solid White Gold ring

AQUAMARINE TWIG |18K solid White Gold ring
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This solid 18K White Gold ring features a wonderful blue Aquamarine in a Yellow Gold setting.
The double shank resembles an organic twig, which gently wraps around your finger.
My High-Palladium White Gold is much harder to work with, I.e. its melting temperature is much higher, and it is more durable.

The faceted round Aquamarine has the exquisite quality AAA.
The colour of Aquamarine ranges from light to medium blue and also slightly blue-green, just if it were made of water.
It is said to be the treasure of mermaids and therefore having the power to safeguard sailors.
Aquamarine symbolises youth, health and love.
It is believed to have a relaxing effect on the person who wears it, a soothing influence on married couples and also provides protection against all evil.
It is said to increase intelligence and make one more youthful.
Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.

This unique ring will be made to order for you personally.