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Filigree Sterling Silver earrings with Pearl (sold out)

Filigree Sterling Silver earrings with Pearl (sold out)
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Inspired by filigrana portuguesa ( Portuguese filigree) these pair of sterling silver earrings partially plated with 24ct gold are just astonishing with two beautiful AA white cultured pearls.

This ancient art of the filigree (Filigrana in Portuguese) with its origin not very well determined (China and India) has in two accurate Portugal's regions its bases where in small workshops they do some beautiful pieces. (Gondomar and Pòvoa do Lanhoso).
Some artifacts found from a Pre-Roman period in actual Portuguese territory, tells us that in that time this art was already known here, but this art gets its strong improvement in Medieval Europe and it could be found in several regions, Genoa was the most important center in Europe at the time of Portugal foundation. Some important pieces from Portuguese jewellery around XII century ( Chalice of D. Guedes Mendes) shows us the beauty of this Romanesque period.
It was around XVII century that the actual Traditional Portuguese Filigree gets its "origin", the gold is the most used material, but silver is also found (You will get 19.25 Karat gold in Portuguese Jewellery) and for example today you can see in the traditional Minho region folklore, women using several pieces from this art.