17 SAPPHIRES IN FILIGREE | Earrings in Black Rhodium/Sterling Silver

This pair of Sterling Silver earrings each have 17 gorgeous blue Sapphires,
which are oblong shaped and set into a playful drop-shaped Filigree pattern.
The beautifully facetted cut of these Sapphires makes them sparkle luxuriously.
The surface has been ennobled with Black Rhodium,
which creates either an elegant polished look or a mysteriously dark tone depending on the lighting.

The Sapphire is the birthstone of September and belongs to the 4 genuine Precious stones.

Total length: 53mm.
Large bottom drop: 43mm long, 18mm wide, 2.5mm thick.
34 Sapphires in total: 3-5mm long, 2-3mm wide.

  • 727€

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